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About Smiling Families

The charity was created by Paul and Kerry Martin after Kerry experienced a life threatening illness following the traumatic birth of their child which developed a number of continued health concerns.

Other than the support of their families, they found there were very few opportunities to make contact with other families in similar circumstances.

Having worked with a number of midlands based charities they decided to make arrangements for several family fun days giving opportunities for those affected by illness the chance to enjoy and relax as a family unit.

Additional to fun days and events there are support systems to aid families and foster friendships with others who have been through similar experiences.

Kerry is a qualified teacher and is currently studying to be a family counsellor to help the charity develop further, Paul is a qualified trainer and regularly holds sessions for NHS staff highlighting areas in which practice and procedures can be improved.

The vision for the charity is to increase the number of fun events and activities, to include many more children and parents affected by illness, to expand web page forums to include professional help and advice, and continue to develop improved relationships between external bodies and those who need support.

Smiling Families would like to see smiles on the faces of children and parents who are suffering and improved support for family units.

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Smiling Families: 4 Peace Court, Hampton-In-Arden, Solihull, B92 0AW

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